Pidakali (Gomay Kanda)

Product Information

Gomay (dung) of the gomaata; grazing on the tender leaves of medicinal herbs in forest, has the property of purifying the body. the gomay destroys the disease, sorrow and ill deeds.

Amazing benefits of Pidakali

Purest fuel for yagya :-Aginihotra yagya & other yagya. After Agnihotra energy is locked in resultant ash. The ash is used to treat various ailments and known to possess antibacterial properties. It is used to purify water and reduce the load of bacteria in water.

Best Fumigant :- As Kande contains medicinal herbs they are best natural, traditional and effective fumigant for antiseptic purification of atmosphere at home and office. Few pieces of Kande can be burned (on metal plate) every morning and/or evening with help of camphor for great purifying effect

As Bio-fertilizer :- Kande can be used for terrace/pot garden plant - To place at the root zone and water.

Antiradiation plate :- To counteract the radiation effect from gadgets like cell phone etc. Keep cell phone over the kande

For Puja purpose :- : during various auspicious occasions

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