About Diabetes

Diabetes is a decease that occurs when your blood glucose (sugar) is too high. it develops when your pancreas don't make enough insulin or your body does not respond to Insulin.


Cause of Diabetes :-

Mental stress, pancreatic weakness, eating indigestible things, eating antibiotics.

Symptoms of Diabetes :-

Frequent urination, increased thirst, increased appetite and weight loss.

Cure Diabetes with Panchgavya Food Supplementary :-

Panchgavya Food Supplementary is made with desi gomaata kheeram, gomay, goumutra, curd, ghee and natural herbs. it will be in the form of Ark, Ghanvati, Churnam, Capsules, Bio Homeo.

Panchgavya food supplements treatment plan for Diabetes is most likely to have the greatest benefits with no risks or side effects in comparision to your previous treatments used.

Apart from putting your diabetic scores under control, It will also boost your imnity, physical, mental & spiritual strength.

We are providing Money Back Guaranteed for 6 months use of this along with *strictly following the dincharya and pathya.

Cost is just Rs3000 pm for complete diabetic kit including very expensive Panchgavya ghee. Concession for 6 months programme., Rs.15000.

Note :- Strictly follow dincharya and pathya for best results. Natural organic food itself is medicine.