Agriculture & cow rearing has been integral to our culture since time immemorial. These two are still the backbone of our rural life & economy but sadly fading away gradually.

Perfected by our ancient saints of Vedic ages, our traditional agriculture is quite advanced & based on science.

Different crops harvested by this traditional method used to be of highest quality, rich in nutrients. Also, the process required hard work.

With regular physical work & high quality food, our ancestors were able to lead active & disease-free life.

The process was quite low cost & helped to maintain the balance in nature as it was completely organic.

Cow dung, cow urine & different plant products were being used in agriculture that enabled the soil to keep its productive quality for long.

The agricultural tools used to be made by other villagers and farmers offered them crops in exchange of these tools. So, basically the rural life was centred around agriculture & village life used to be thrive with health & wealth.

➣ Unfortunately, that lifestyle, agriculture methods seems like dream now.

Tractors have taken the place of bullocks & plough.

➣ Compost has been replaced by chemical fertilizers & pesticides that have poisoned the environment.

➣ Crops produced with these fertilizers & pesticides are now causing unheard diseases & health issues.

Non-dependency on traditional tools has created social imbalance in villages.

To protect our environment, our health and our society, we have to return to our long forgotten traditional lifestyle & agricultural process.


So, naturally the end products (food items) blessed people with all-round physical, mental & intellectual growth & longevity.

All agricultural operations; land preparation, sowing, irrigation, harvesting, post-harvesting etc. used to be done manually with the help of bullocks, bullock cart, organic compost & simple tool like plough, spade, axe etc.

The path is full of challenges and stakes are high but we’ve to face it head-on. We have to accept the cow-based agriculture & farming.

The first step in this direction is we have to protect & develop our indigenous cow breed.

Training classes for go-adharita vyvasayam

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