Goseva in different ways

➣ Take a Sankalpa (firm decision) to Worship Gomaathaa and engage in Gosevaa in whatever way possible.

Think of GOMAATHAA as soon as you wake up in the morning.

➣ Speak to others about Gosevaa and spread the awareness .


➣ Avoid leather products.

➣ Conduct Go Puja before conducting religious activities like Homam etc.

➣ Become a volunteer Gosevak and encourage others to become one.

➣ Offer your services to Goshalas in your spare time.

➣ Offer donations to Goshalaas. The amount is not important. The thought is important. Even One rupee donation would do.

➣ Use products of Goshalas for religious activities. You will get the full benefit of conducting the religious activity only if you use pure cow products .

➣ Offer plantains (bananas)or even kitchen waste to cows.

➣ At the time of celebrations and functions offer what ever you can for cow protection.

Go Sevaa is a Great blessing. Don’t miss any opportunity to do GoSevaa.

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Panchgavya not only used for internal cleanliness but also used for external cleanliness this will have panchgavya (milk, goumutra, curd, gomay, ghee) and there are 12 herbs for the 12 organs of our body that is why it is used for both internal and external cleanliness of the body.
Nosil drops is “Sarva roga nivarini” by using this breathing problem will be cured in few seconds and blood is properly supplied to mind, will get sound sleep,
This is kind of oiling done for the mind, will get sound sleep, will cure snoring problem, good for heart and has lot of other benefits which we are experiencing you can also experience the health benefits.
The goumaata is given 100% natural food items, grass and the goumaata goes for grazing, both goumaata and gopalaks are happy and get health and prosperity from happy goumaata.
The panchgavya present in the gomaata represent the panchmahabhoot (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Sky) and human body also is made up of panchmahabhoot that is the reason if we take panchgavya ghee daily it helps in preventing and curing any types of diseases in our body.
Both are same, we use panchgavya food supplementary for doing panchgavya chiikitsa. Panchgavya food supplementary will not only give strength to the organs of our body but also work on the root cause of the disease and cure the diseases for the route. Hence these are also called Panchgavya chikitsa medicines.
PFS includes Panchgavya Ghee, Vedic Bilona Ghee, Double distillation ark with respective organ related herbs, Ghanvati (Tablet), Gas/Motion churnam, Asava, Nosil drops, Bhasm etc,
Except for Cancer 3rd and 4th Stage for all the remaining diseases it is 100% helpful and effective in preventing and curing any types of diseases as per our ancesters performing bharatiya chikitsa and our experience since last 9 years.
If you are having difficulty in drinking goumutra you can mix some honey and take it.
The Panchgavya food supplementary cures diseases based on the following principle: • 40% disease is cured with Panchgavya Food Supplementary • 40% disease is cured with following the Dincharya and Pathya. • 20% disease is cured based on the character of the patient.
Yes, All the products are home delivered across Bharat and also out of Bharat except Australia.
Need to pay monthly Rs. 3000 through G Pay or Phone Pay (9849226073) and you will get 500ml Vedic Bilona Ghee as Prasadam. Also you can share the Donation link to your friends.
You can directly do goseva by giving sponsorship for goumaata, sponser for grass etc. or indirectly you can do go seva by using the go products in your daily routine starting from morning till night. • Use Panchgavya products: dant manjan, bath soap, hair oil, ghee, panchgavya ghee, chawanprash using these products will give lot of benefits, health and prosperity to your family, improve your life style and cure all life style diseases. You can encourage others to be part of go seva by using panchgavya products. • Use Panchgavya Food Supplementary : it will prevent and cure any type of diseases, increases your body immunity system, give strength to the body. • Sponsor grass for goumaata on Birthday, 1 katta grass is Rs.150 you can sponser any amount based on you financial conditions. Sponser minimum 1 katta.
Arogyadham works under the guidance, suggestion and advice of Guruji, Bhagavat Geeta principles are applied on the goumaata, gopalak, customers and management which can be experienced if you visit the goshala.
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