Panchgavya Ghee

Features of Panchagavya Ghee

➣ Ghee is hand-churned from Desi Cow's Buttermilk.

➣ Made with 5 components of Desi Cow.

➣ Desi Gomaata Kheeram, Goumutra, Ghee, Butter milk & Gomay.

Amazing benefits of Panchagavya Ghee

➣ The ghee does wonders for both Vata and Pitta body type:

➣ Helps overcome weak/lean body type, weak immunity and tentative state of mind.

➣Overcome physical weakness.

➣ Helpful in diseases like diabetes, heart problem, arthritis, BP etc.

➣ Lubricates bone joints and helps to overcome joint problems & arthritis

➣ A good aid for dry throat, dry skin and psoriasis

Prices Offer:- On Purchase of 3 liters Panchgavya Ghee get 500ml Bilnona ghee free and transportation free.
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